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13 february 2014 Last updated at 00:11 GMT  

Chicago beating sub-zero day’s record

As the US struggles with freezing temperatures and extreme winter storms, Chicago’s record for the number of sub-zero days in a single winter are most likely to be broken.

The record winter of 1884-1885 saw 25°C below zero, but this year’s storm is set to make a new record as Chicago’s temperature plummeted below -20°C at the beginning of the week. The winter storm that is sweeping across the Midwest has suspended 26 commuter trains at one time and cancelled more than 2,000 flights in Chicago. The Chicago Public School has also been cancelled twice this winter.

The US National Weather Service has announced that the Windy City has had 20 days of sub-zero temperatures this winter with another cold front to hit in the next few days.

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