Synagogue firebombed: the main synagogue in the Ukrainian city of Nikolayev is reportedly firebombed - the synagogue was empty of worshippers at the time Jerusalem bagel crackdown: Jerusalem municipality inspectors confiscate bagel stands and other stalls selling leavened goods near the Jaffa Gate in Jerusalem’s Old City for violating licensing laws  Israel under attack: Gaza Strip militants fire seven rockets at southern Israel with at least two rockets slamming into a road in the city of Sderot, just yards from a Synagogue 
7 august 2012 Last updated at 09:22 GMT  

Lonely Planet: Tel Aviv is world’s top party city

Lonely Planet has ranked Tel Aviv among its top 10 ultimate party cities, calling it 'Miami of the Middle East'.

Israel’s second city is renowned for its eclectic architecture, Bohemian spirit and its golden beaches, enjoyed by millions of the tourists who visit Israel each year.

Tel Aviv won the title in two nightlife categories: ‘Ultimate Party Cities’ and ‘Top Ten Hedonistic City Breaks’.

Residents of Tel Aviv are, according to the Lonely Planet guide, ‘oozing style and hungry for the finest art, fashion, cuisine and clubbing.’


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