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9 august 2012 Last updated at 09:34 GMT  

New eyeglasses aim to block out immodest women

What’s wrong with this picture?

If you are an ultra-Orthodox Israeli man, a member of the Haredim, the answer is nothing. For the rest of us – the blurred out women may be something of an eyesore.

But that’s precisely what one Israeli company is hoping to achieve with their new eyeglasses. Currently on sale in Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox neighbourhoods, the new specs blur the wearer’s vision beyond a few metres in front of them, aiming to block out any unpleasantness; and if you’re an ultra-Orthodox Jew that includes immodestly dressed females.

The new glasses are another tool in the ultra-Orthodox community’s struggle to insulate itself from secular Israeli society. Haredi men have long called for the segregation of men and women on public buses and in Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox neighbourhoods street signs remind women to wear long-sleeved blouses and long skirts.

But until wearing skimpy outfits goes out of fashion among non-Orthodox women, it would seem that “modesty spectacles” are the Haredim’s best line of defence.


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