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24 august 2012 Last updated at 09:42 GMT  

Swastika removed from image of Marine Le Pen

Following heated rows between superstar diva Madonna earlier in the summer with Marine Le Pen, the superstar diva has now adopted a slightly different tune. 

During her performance in Tel Aviv, a swastika was emblazoned on the head of the leader of France’s far-right Front Nationale Party as part of her slideshow of her MDNA tour video. But during her latest concert in Nice, this had been removed, with a question mark added instead. 

The move has been questioned by some European Jewish leaders, including European Jewish Parliament leader Joel Rubinfeld, who said Le Pen’s far-right line has been growing in popularity in some French cities, including Nice. 

Joel Rubinfeld, Member of the European Jewish Union: 

“One voter among four are voting for the French far right party, so indeed she has some support. But why? You have racists, you have anti-Semitic in each country, and beside that you know she, Marine Le Pen, she wants to give more polished image of her own party, but it is just about cosmetic.” 

Rubinfeld then highlighted the concern that the vacuous PR of Le Pen is beginning to shift French public opinion her way. 

Joel Rubinfeld, Member of the European Jewish Union: 

“They fall into the trap, they really believe, that she is more polished, that she is more democratic.” 

While reviews of Madonna’s tour may have been mixed, the controversial video has put the growing prominence of the far-right in France back in the spotlight.

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