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NYC Easter egg worth USD 1000 goes on sale

24 march 2013

In New York City a one-of-a-kind chocolate Easter egg standing 3-feet tall, with a USD 1,000 price tag is being sold.


The Angry Birds inspired egg which is made of pure dark Venezuelan chocolate called criollo is being sold at Sugar and Plumm, a New York bakery which specializes in chocolate products:


Owner Lamia Jacobs explained how she got the idea for the expensive treat:


Lamia Jacobs, owner of sugar and plumm:


"The egg for me was, I see everywhere small eggs, medium eggs. And I thought why not make something completely 'wow' to attract the attention, and to show how exciting Easter can be with such a big egg."


The egg was made by technicians from Paris and took a lot of intricate work:


Lamia Jacobs, owner of sugar and plumm:


"The work itself, to prepare the leaves, and the little birds, and the tree. I mean, all these things, that's what they do. It takes about four days to work on that, two people."


Jacobs described what the eggs buyer would get for their money:


Lamia Jacobs, owner of sugar and plumm:


"You just see the shell, but it's a heavy shell. It's 22 pounds. This is 22 pounds of chocolate, pure dark chocolate."


She spoke of how childrens reaction to the chocolate was the best thing about making it:


Lamia Jacobs, owner of sugar and plumm:


"The children, have you seen how each one walks in, and say, 'Oh my God, I want that egg.' So it just makes us happy to see that it appeals to them, and the parents too look happy."


For those with less disposable income the shop also sells a range of the usual Easter chocolates such as bunnies and small decorated eggs. 


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