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Egyptian outcry over Jew ‘normalization’ in docu

11 october 2012

“Jews of Egypt,” an Egyptian documentary film that records the life of Jews in Egypt before their departure from the country in the 1950s, has stirred controversy after its screening at a film festival in Cairo.


Amir Ramsis, the film’s director, was accused of promoting normalization of ties with Israel through attempting to gain the audience’s sympathy for Jewish Egyptians, currently seen as Zionists, and enemies, by many Egyptians.


However Ramsis explained, that the documentary is against Israel and against normalization, noting how many of his subjects, Jewish Egyptians, were against the creation of Israel before the Revolution in July 1952, and that many anti-Israeli institutions were actually led by Egyptian Jews.


The 95-minute film tackles the life of the Jewish community in Egypt in the first half of the 20th century, prior to their mass exodus following the 1956 Tripartite Aggression launched by Britain, France, and Israel against Egypt. According to the filmmakers, the documentary seeks to address issues related to changes that Egyptians underwent in the twentieth century. 


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