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NYC choir attends Beijing’s World Choral Summit

17 july 2012

The Young People’s Chorus of New York City, or YPC, has represented the US in Beijing at the World Choral Summit.


Three dozen teenagers between the ages of 14 and 19 appeared at the summit as part of the choir’s China tour. So far, they have performed twice in the South of the country and will finish the tour with another performance in Beijing.


YPC member Blaize Adam:


"I think they get very excited by the whole, our costumes, they are very Americana, are very staple sort of American appearance and they get very excited by that, because they don't see that a lot in their culture. Also our music, it's different from what they're used to and I think that reflects in their reaction, that they, they love it in such a different way than they love their own music."


Every year over 1,200 children from diverse economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds get involved in the YPC. For many of the members who have travelled to China, the trip is their first time being not just outside of the US, but also outside of their home city.


Five other choirs took part in the Beijing summit alongside the YPC, with each representing the musical and cultural heritage of a different continent.


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