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Jewish Gangnam Style video becomes huge internet hit

5 october 2012

From the guys who brought you the 13-million hit YouTube sensation I’m Jewish And You Know It, comes a new clip, paying homage to PSY phenomenon Gangnam Style.


The lyrics of Jewish Style address subjects close to the Jewish heart, touching as they do on circumcision, bar mitzvahs, Mazal Tov, Jewish celebrations and more. The video mainly consists of Roman Buchatsky, main member of the AgentKMedia collective, and an Israeli Jew of Russian origin, dancing around what seems to be Tel Aviv, in underpants Borat would be proud of.


As with their previous hit, production values are high, and with over one million hits in the last week alone, it seems well on the way to repeating their earlier success, Jewish style. 


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  • Fraser 19 november, 03:17
    Funny I thought 'Jewish Style' was the indiscriminate murder and imprisonment of the people of Gaza.