Hebron unrest: dozens of Palestinians riot in the West Bank town of Hebron, throwing rocks and firebombs at the IDF outpost dividing the Jewish part and the Palestinian part of the town  Peace talks delay: a meeting between Israeli and Palestinian peace negotiators scheduled for Wednesday has been postponed after the killing of an Israeli in a shooting attack in the West Bank on Monday  Mideast security: Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas says he is committed to the continuation of the security coordination with Israel, regardless of whether the ongoing peace talks are extended or successful  West Bank attack: Palestinian Minister of Religious Affairs Mahmoud Al-Habash condemns the attack that occurred near Hebron on Monday evening which killed Israeli police officer Baruch Mizrahi

200 students from former Soviet Union attend camp

16 september 2012

Two hundred students from all over the former Soviet Union have travelled by all available means to Crimea in Ukraine to take part in a variety of activities held by Hillel, the Foundation for Jewish Campus Life.


The goals of the 5-day summer seminar on the picturesque Black Sea coastline was to make the most of the Crimea’s late summer weather, enjoying educational workshops, a bit of song and dance, and of course, some traditional fun in the still warm sea.


The camp was supported by Ukrainian Businessman Igor Kolomoisky and the European Jewish Union, and was dedicated to the theme of social networking, encouraging people to become better acquainted not just with Hillel, but with each other too.


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