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Poll: 70% of Americans hold favourable Israel view

30 september 2012

A new poll carried out on behalf of American NGO The Foreign Policy Initiative has found that 70% of Americans view Israel favourably. Roughly 40% of the poll’s respondents identified themselves with the Republican Party, 40% with the Democrats and 20% identified themselves either with no party or as independent voters.


The survey found that 81% of people who identified themselves as politically conservative support Israel, whilst that figure drops to 62.5% among those who consider themselves to be liberal.


And whilst Israel may be the US’s best ally in the Middle East only a little over 15% of respondents considered it to be America’s best ally in the world. That title belongs to the United Kingdom, which received the backing of 54% of those who took part in the survey. 


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  • Fabrizio 30 september, 17:13
    A New Exit Poll reveal : the 65% of U.S. Jews support Obama and the 24 % support Mitt Romney. But the large majority of Israelis Jews support Mitt Romney and not Barack Obama ! This is the great reality ! Understand yhe importance of support MITT ROMNEY for ISRAEL !