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Financial Times writer apologises for blaming Israel

8 february 2013

Just a day after Bulgarian investigators stated that Hezbollah was behind a suicide bomb attack that killed five Israeli tourists in the resort town of Burgas last year, a Financial Times correspondent tweeted that Israel may have bribed Bulgaria to frame Hezbollah and after intense pressure, has now apologised for doing so.


Borzou Daragahi of the London-based Financial Times tweeted that he thinks that Israel could have paid the government in Sofia to say anything, namely that Lebanese militant group Hezbollah was behind the attack.


Israel-based media watchdog group HonestReporting slammed Daragahi and the Middle East correspondent quickly recanted and tweeted, “Sincere apologies and regret for my ill-conceived Tweet yesterday about Israel and Bulgaria.”


The Israeli government strongly believes the attack last July on Israeli holidaymakers was a part of an ongoing worldwide terror campaign by Iran and its proxy Hezbollah against the Jewish state. 


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  • Joshi 17 february, 12:54
    To say that Israel is willing to pressure and pay off another country to do its bidding is just to say that Israel is like any other country in the world. The whole Prisoner X matter shows what kind of subterfuge Israel -- like any other world power -- is capable of. This is a nonstory.