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Italy Tottenham Hotspur anti-Semitic attack

23 november 2012

Dozens of fans of Rome football club Lazio wielding knives and metal bars have attacked London Tottenham Hotspur supporters ahead of the two sides’ Europa League match, stabbing at least one and sending seven to the hospital according to Italian police.


The brawl in Rome took on racist overtones, with witnesses reporting that the Italian hooligans shouted “Jews” and anti-Semitic abuse at the Tottenham fans.


Tottenham is known to have a large Jewish fan base from north London while Lazio fans are historically right-wing and have been seen using fascist salutes and slogans. Rome police say they detained some 50 hoodlums responsible for assaulting the British fans and trashing a bar.


Tottenham Hotspur fans are often subjected to anti-Semitic abuse at home in the English league but nevertheless club fans often proudly refer to themselves as the “Yid Army”.


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